Sterling Roswell

From playing bass in the school orchestra and fronting a teen scene band at age 17, Sterling Roswell AKA Rosco graduated to playing drums in Spacemen 3, becoming a key component in the engine room of indie rockers The Darkside and becoming a producer.

His band The Psychedelic SRB play space age psych-pop and feature Claire Harrison (Voltage Controlled Oscillators) and Martin Langshaw (ex-Perfect Disaster, drums) often supported by a rotating cast of live guests including Pete Bassman (Spacemen 3/The Darkside). "The Call Of The Cosmos" was critically acclaimed including being Rough Trade Album Of The Month.

The band toured in support of The Jim Jones Review in 2016.

Over the years Roswell has collaborated with Sky Saxon, Nick Lowe, Sonic Boom, Jason Pierce, Sam Hutt, Geraint Watkins, Norman Bergen, Carlene Carter, Steve Donnelly to name but a few.

The band release single 'Atom Brain Monster-Rock!" on Blang in June 2016 and tour the US West Coast in the Autumn. A new album is imminent.


What some said about first album "Call Of The Cosmos":

“Baudelaire once wrote, ‘music excavates heaven’. Listen to this record and you might just have to agree.” ANDREW WEATHERALL / MOJO

“Think Lee Hazelwood produced by Joe Meek – perfectly realized and revealing a commercial side to Roswell previously unheard / viewed through the lens of Syd Barrett and Kevin Ayers” LOIS WILSON/MOJO

"Rosco uses his knowledge of the music, acid and crucial fundamentals of the genre to create a mini-masterpiece" KRIS NEEDS/SHINDIG

"A topside full of pulsing spectral tunes and a flipside like a '60s sci-fi soundtrack mixed with 'Echoes' of Pink Floyd. An otherworldly delight!" MARK ELLEN


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