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Sexy Dentist 7

Sexy Dentist 7" single (orange vinyl) and Download

Malcolm Kaksois

Released September 2007

Sexy Dentist is a lo-fi flamenco shuffle. B side Heartbreak Hotelli chronicles a night at a Finnish hotel. ‘Here's the debut 7" by Malcolm Kaksois which is the most ridiculous tale of a guy who fancies his dentist. He likes the way she drills... he eats toffees so he can go back to see her and she can fix his unrequited love infested tooth cave. There's an enormous whiff of Half Man Half Biscuit about this and it's an absolute joy from start to end with it's cod Spanish guitar stylings. It's fucking great if I'm honest and it was very almost single of the week!! I mean anything called 'Sexy Dentist' gets thumbs up from me! Orange wax and well daft’ (Norman records).


[ Physical copy ] Cost £4
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1 Sexy Dentist 2:44 £0.60
2 Heartbreak Hotelli 3:07 £0.60

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