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The Jewelled Carriageway (CD & download)

The Jewelled Carriageway (CD & download)

Sergeant Buzfuz


Released September 2006

With the band's third album comes a new line-up of musicians to accompany the vox and guitar of Joe Murphy. On cello and bass is Jon Clayton, Eilish McCracken is on violin and whistle, while Martin Parker is on drums. The end result is the band's best, most cohesive album to-date.

"‘Swallows’ puts you in mind of English eccentrics XTC while Television Personalities wouldn’t turn up their noses at the minimalist pop magic of ‘Something To Lose’.... Intense, original, clever, funny and moving (Sounds XP)

"has a rich, warm, string-laden sound and luxuriates in the seedy underbelly of urban living.... perverse and memorable, modern-day folk music." (Morning Star)

"an album of quietly staggering beauty…enchanting, engaging and totally absorbing with more passion and integrity than you could shake a stick at. This is new British folk at it's very, very best - challengingbut accessible. Buy it." (Get Ready To Rock)

“Sergeant Buzfuz have struck gold with this album. A gem.” (Shakenstir)

"Very tuneful and undeniably modern." (Rock Sound)


[ Physical copy ] Cost £8
[ Download all tracks ] Cost £5
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Prices Shown in Pounds Sterling (GBP)
# Track Name Duration Preview Cost +Add
1 It's Not What You've Got It's Who You Give It T 3:02 £0.60
2 Swallows 4:35 £0.60
3 The Television Will Not Be Revolutione 4:14 £0.60
4 Pour It from the Kettle 3:52 £0.60
5 Windscreen Wipers 4:36 £0.60
6 Who Are You? 5:43 £0.60
7 Bone Tired 4:31 £0.60
8 Blanket TV 3:47 £0.60
9 Grade a 3:16 £0.60
10 Something to Lose 2:45 £0.60
11 Here Come the Popes, Pt. 1 (1st Millenium 6:58 £0.60

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