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The Junk Shop (CD album and download)

The Junk Shop (CD album and download)

Milk Kan

Released June 2011

"get yourself down to your local record shop and exchange that dull lifeless ten pound note for something a little, no, a lot more colourful" (Fred Perry Subculture)

"Produced by respected dub master Prince Fatty, it’s a fine, genre-defying catch-all kaleidoscope of sound" (Whisperin And Hollerin)

"Oozing with heaps of British eccentricity and subtle maturity, Junk Shop should be on the top of your C.D collection by the end of the Summer. The album cover should be lost somewhere in your filthy bedroom under the empty beer cans and spliff roaches,  and the disk should be trapped in the HiFi, stuck on full volume. Awesome stuff." (Rhythm Circus)

[ Physical copy ] Cost £8
[ Download all tracks ] Cost £5
Audio Format Info
Prices Shown in Pounds Sterling (GBP)
# Track Name Duration Preview Cost +Add
1 Junkshop 3:46 £0.60
2 Question This 3:14 £0.60
3 Slingin' The Slang 3:01 £0.60
4 Medders Stop Drinkin White Ace 3:54 £0.60
5 Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Tunes 3:39 £0.60
6 Hotdog State of Mind 3:48 £0.60
7 Superbad 4:07 £0.60
8 The View From the Top 3:53 £0.60
9 Lego 3:33 £0.60
10 The Song the Night Owned 9:29 £0.60

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