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Rock Kicks (download single)

Rock Kicks (download single)

Lucy's Diary

Released November 2010

"Simple, boisterous and happy to smudge its lipstick all over your mirror before it exits stage left, it's all day-glo fun on the outside, but when Lucy Joplin sings stuff like “you say it’s easy, I don’t think anything’s easy/ clean clothes, made up and brushed hair/ I can make it here, I can make it anywhere” you instantly know that her junior Kim Deal stance has been achieved by repeated attendance at the school of hard knocks rather than through affectation.

It’s a pleasant change to hear a couple of half-decent remixes making up the numbers too. The ‘Brigitte Bravadot’ mix (very funny) comes from producer/ Death In Vegas collaborator Ian Button and it buffs ‘Rock Kicks’ up for some shiny, electronica-fuelled dance floor action. When you’ve danced your ass off, the ‘Oculus III’ mix – from Sergeant Buzfuz’s Joe Buzfuz – then brings you the opiated, Sunday morning come-down. Long on atmosphere and intelligence, it’s an effective way to wrap up a pretty cool EP." (Whisperin And Hollerin)

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1 Rock Kicks 2:10 £0.60
2 Rock Kicks Brigitte Bravadot Mi 3:56 £0.60
3 Rock Kicks Oculus III Mix 4:30 £0.60

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