March Blang

Monday, 10 March 2003 17:17

8.00 Sergeant Buzfuz
8.40 Adrian Teenbeat
9.20 Keith John Adams
10.00 Diane Cluck

Diane Cluck's music reverberates with the same unearthly sensual ache of mid-period Tim Buckley. Her 2 and a ? cd albums recorded in her Brooklyn apartment are a kind of lo-fi minimalist soul music, her voice accompanied either by sole acoustic guitar or accordion or piano, occasionally augmented by spooked vocal harmonies like the paeans of haunted angels.
I had the privilege of seeing her perform in nyc in the summer. It was as if the music was just falling out of her like water, like she was receiving it from some distant planet. All the songs sounded as though they were being composed on the spot. Like she hadn't so much written them as breathed them.

Diane's song 'Monte Carlo' features on Rough Trade's 'Antifolk Vol 1' compilation. Jeff Lewis fans over here may also have the 'Collaborations' cd he sells at gigs containing 3 beautiful duets co-written and performed with Diane.
And does she have a record deal in the US? No, she's a waitress. A fucking waitress. American record industry: die in shame.

11.00 Turner Cody


February Blang

Monday, 10 February 2003 17:15

8 30 Sergeant Buzfuz
9 15 Meets Guitar
10 00 The Folk Orchestra
10 45 Picturebox


January Blang

Monday, 13 January 2003 17:12

Regular Blang night at the 12 Bar club:

8.30 Sergeant Buzfuz
9.15 Lionshare
10 00 The Lovely Lads
10 45 Robert Ward


December Blang

Monday, 09 December 2002 17:07

Regular Blang night at the 12 Bar club:

8.15 Spinmaster Plantpot
8.30 Sergeant Buzfuz
9.15 The Mooks of Hazard
10.00 Breadfoot
10.45 Joan Coffey


Cambridge Vs New York Special

Monday, 11 November 2002 00:00

Wherein 2 colossal songwriters and 2 oddball weirdos, one of each from each city, do battle, refereed by Sergeant Buzfuz:

the mad scientist of the antifolk scene. in addition to guitar and looped layers of noise TT plays instruments he invents and builds himself. he's bringing a portable version of one of these, the Hornicator, to the uk. this comprises an antique Victrola horn with tunable strings and springs stretched across it. and a kazoo attached. sounds gimmicky, right? wrong. thomas applies equal care to songwriting as he does to his inventions. embraced by the city's antifolk and experimental scenes TT plays to packed houses and a growing buzz in new york. catch his 1st visit here.
so the yanks have laid down the 1st gauntlet. who can fly in to represent us brits against such oddball power? especially when we're being represented by cambridge? but wait, who is that besuited figure?

9.15 UM
looking like a cross between ian curtis and pike from dad's army Um stumbles across the stage pressing 'play' on his DAT player and singing/reading diary extracts/'hand jiving' to the ensuing wobbletronica. occasionally assisted by his mysterious friend Kevin.
'not fitting into any particular musical genre...the all convention defying Um is the most original thing you will ever see in me, you will leave the room a changed person, and want to take Um home with you, prop him up in your bedroom, and just have him there on constant tap' (Varsity)

fresh from touring with goldrush and supporting the incredible string band steve adams brings a stripped down version of cambridge's finest to blang! to celebrate the release today of debut single 'The Perfect Gentleman' (Snowstorm Records). Are they alt-country? Country punk? Anticountry? Who gives a flying one Cosmo? Cos like the Silver Jews on their 'Bright Flight' album Adams may be working within the country idiom but ya don't have to be a countryhead to be affected by his tender, cheeky, poignant and unflinching lyrics. You'll cry into your gin and dance with the barstaff.
beat that yanks! ha! we can even equal you at your own genres. who you got to equal the melodic nous and the wit of the BFB? what? someone from Kansas? ha, ha, ha! but wait, who is this songhero wading through the crowd with just an acoustic guitar?

from Kansas originally but now a driving force in NYC's antifolk movement running Olive Juice Records (home to the legendary Prewar Yardsale) and recording many AFNY artists in his home studio. debut album 'Me, Me, Me' was picked up here by Teenage Fanclubber Francis MacDonald's Shoeshine label. every 1 of it's 19 songs has at least 1 killer couplet. and he ain't just a worder, his tunes stick in your head for days on end. 2nd lp 'honey are you ready for the ballet?" out soon.
'ramshackle-yet-poetic lo-fi folk....the joy of MMM comes through his lyrics, perfectly formed vignettes, invariably bittersweet' (
'the sort of album you buy so you can learn the words, big melodies with understated vocals... like all the folks i've seen from this east village collective of eclectics MMM does what he does fucking great, without trying to be someone else' (
'a pioneer of the antifolk scene that includes the moldy peaches and lach, matt shares a similar ability to laugh at his misfortunes while simultaneously tugging on heartstrings' (jerry thackray, mojo)

after ensuring fair play in tonight's contest sergeant buzfuz wraps up the evening. with the sergeant on bike and kate arnold hitting her strings in the side-car the world's most talked about guitar-and-hammered-dulcimer-duo go speeding and kerb crawling, blanging and chiming up a variety of musical avenues checking that the citizens of london can go safely home to their beds.


spekki chris/the folk orchestra/ little big mouth/sergeant buzfuz

blusher/brendan be/sergeant buzfuz

the rebel/the lovely lads/adrianne sebastian-scott/sergeant buzfuz

seth uv dufus/kinkajou/the beggars/sergeant buzfuz

dufus/herman dune/the folk orchestra/joan coffey/sergeant buzfuz

prewar yardsale/joie dead blonde girlfriend/sergeant buzfuz

the folk orchestra/joan coffey/matt dolphin/norman lamont/sergeant buzfuz


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