David Cronenberg's Wife/Dead Arm/Depresstival

Thursday May 25th

Blang presents:




Muse Soho, 23 Frith Street, London W1D 4RR

Doors 8 00 PM Music starts 8.30 PM

£5 entrance (NUS and JSA/DLA/PIP/ESA £3 with proof)

David Cronenberg's Wife (10 PM)

Tom Mayne sings stories of losers and creeps in a nasal Stockport whine over minimalist drone-pop, angular post-punk guitars and pulsating motorik drumming. Echoes of VU, The Fall, Tom Waits, Link Wray. DCW have recorded two 6Music live sessions for Marc Riley.

"Where genius meets idiocy" (Mark Lamarr) "peppering their albums with undesirable characters, who Mayne inhabits with unnerving realism." (The Independent) "Mayne goes further than them [Nick Cave & Mark E Smith] in the fearlessness of his lyrics. ... This is proper independent music – in production, distribution and vision." (Sounds XP)


Dead Arm (9.15 PM)

The candid story-telling on Dead Arm’s recent “Clare & Jon” EP (Permanent Slump label) was inspired by singer Lerryn Whitfield’s day job running a café on Peckham Rye Lane. The quartet are a post-punk clash of minimalism and intensity, angst and fun. Warning: contains traces of LiLiPUT, Raincoats, Blue Orchids, Wire, early Buzzcocks/Banshees. Expect to dance and smile.


Depresstival (8.30 PM)

Lottie Bowater AKA Depresstival sings, yelps, interrupts herself, rewinds and fast-forwards in an explosion of bewilderment at the world we live in. Lyrics of confusion and sincerity fly like welders’ sparks over glowing guitar riffs.



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