Blang 73 - Brix & The Extricated - Part 2 LP: black/clear vinyl, CD, DL (September 2017)

"one of the greatest indie-rock releases of the year. it's f***ing glorious...... This sort of thing is just not supposed to happen. Retired indie singers in their fifties aren’t suppose to pick up a guitar for the first time in a decade and write some of the best melodies of their career. Groups made from former members of another band aren’t meant to transcend the nostalgia circuit. But then nothing to do with the Fall ever followed the rules, did it?"- 9/10 - Drowned In Sound

"this is an extraordinary feat from Brix and chums… The new songs are dynamite; 'Pneumatic Violet' is all pulsing sensuality and vitriol and 'Damned to Eternity' has the pop smarts and punk snarl of girl group classics.” - 9/10 - Vive Le Rock

"their debut features dizzy, Paisley Underground remakes of Brix-era Fall faves plus a surprising skein of new songs… Significantly more wonderful than it is frightening” - Uncut

"rollicking debut album” – Q Magazine

"Each song on Part 2 features songs where each chorus opens up and drags the song kicking and screaming into pure glam pop, gliding over Steve Hanley’s dirty bass, Steve Trafford & Jason Brown’s weaving, overdriven melodic guitars and Paul Hanley’s battered drums. There is sleaze, attitude and swagger aplenty. Brix Smith is iconic, distinguished, intelligent, dangerous and leading the way for The Extricated, out of the pages of books and onto 7″ singles, stages around the UK and now this full-length album." - Louder Than War




Blang 74 - Brix & The Extricated - Moonrise Kingdom 7" single (September 2017)

1 Moonrise Kingdom                                       
2 Moonrise Kingdom Harmonic Convergence









Blang 75 - Sterling Roswell - Give Peace Another Chance 12" EP (June 2017)

Remix EP

1 Give Peace Another Chance (Tim Sheridan Ambient Remix)
2 Give Peace Another Chance (2k Sub Remix)
3 Give Peace Another Chance (Sheridan-Leftari V Version)







Blang 72 - Brix & The Extricated - Damned For Eternity (7" single)

A Damned For Eternity
B Temporary Insanity

First official single.








Blang 69 - Sheepy - Alarm Bells vinyl/CD album (April 2017)

15 Songs
Bring The Music Back
Leaf Of Mischief


Red Tank

Bed No More

I Want My Baby Alive
One Cup Of Coffee
Alarm Bells

2nd album.

"Sheepy demonstrate that pop music doesn not have to be the bland, genre void pap that fill sup the charts... an album of dark pop with a luxuriously unsettling edge" LOUDER THAN WAR


Blang 71 - Orchestra Of Cardboard - The Shetlands download EP (March 2017)

1 The Shetlands
2 Portraits And Rain
3 I Lit A Fire
4 Stormchaser

The Orchestra of Cardboard’s second release with Blang builds on their first EP ‘Germans in Space’, played by Gideon Coe, Tom Robinson and Clare McDonnell on BBC6 Music.

The Orchestra of Cardboard are fusing art, film, music and radical politics which will end in a KLF style stunt in which they will burn millions of pounds worth of student and payday debt. The plan is to build the profile of the band up over the next year releasing three EP’s, culminating in an album.




Blang 70 - Tav Falco - Drone Ranger 7" vinyl single (March 2017)

A) The Drone Ranger
B) Tram?

Produced by Sterling Roswell in London with Memphis luminary and founder of The Panther Burns, Tav Falco. The topside is an explosive new song “ The Drone Ranger” a surreal rockabilly sound sculpture featuring the pounding beat of the legendary (and ex Panther Burns member) James A Sclavunos (Grinderman/Bad Seeds/Cramps), the flip, a radical reworked psychedelic stone funk groove version of the Junior Kimbrough / Panther Burns song Tram? A Memphis song book classic.

A surreal take on our increasingly remote controlled world, the story of The Drone Ranger is best served with a glass of Tennessee velvet. Something to savour!

Art activist, film maker and No Wave-Punk pioneer Tav Falco has continued to steer his groundbreaking Panther Burns band from its Memphis roots around the globe to Italy where the band is now based and Austria where Falco now resides.




Blang 62 - Sergeant Buzfuz - Humble Pie EP (March 2017)

1 Humble Pie
2 People In Power
3 The Whole Hospital's Talking About It
4 The Ventriloquist's Funeral

"ultra-melodic...an inventive free-thinking EP with a healthy disregard for genre barriers."

"a wonderful collection of clattering antifolk, warped psychedelic pop and strange experimental post-punkery........... a line which threads back through the likes of The Soft Boys, XTC, The Kinks and The Beatles."



Blang 68 - Brix & The Extricated - Something To Lose single (November 2016)

1 Something To Lose
2 Faced With Time
3 US 80s-90s (live)

2 track 7 inch vinyl and 3 track CD. Released for band gig November 2016. Due to demand this is now on sale through the BlangShop. Official release will be in 2017.







Blang 65 - Seth Faergolzia - High Diver album (October 2016)

1 High Diver
2 Rubbing It In
3 Rainy Morning
4 Garbage Night
5 Running Blood
6 Berlin
7 Wait For The Beep
8 I Want It Easy
9 Young And Beautiful

“an excellent showcase of Faergolzia's range and veering across genres and through solo-acoustic folk to elaborately overdubbed prog-psych…a consistently endearing set of songs” (PennyBlackMusic)

Seth Faergolzia initially emerged from New York City's Lower East Side at the turn of the millenium as a Wonka-esque figure leading freak-folk innovators Dufus. The surface absurdism of his output drew comparisons to Beefheart and Zappa.

During a 2014 tour with Rough Trade artist and old friend Jeffrey Lewis the pair often talked about songwriting exercises. Seth decided he'd been focussing too much on the business side of being an independent artist and returned from tour determined to write, write, write. Back home in Rochester, New York State he set himself the task of writing one hundred songs and completed this in four months, almost one song a day. These ranged from simple guitar and voice compositions to dense loops and soundscapes to weirdo electronic pop. He then recorded these at home studio Whenland and released one track a week to fans who had pledged a voluntary sum. Most songs were recorded solo but some with a full band.

"High Diver" is a selection of nine of the twenty-three songs Seth sent to Blang. Seth's relationship with Blang started in 2002 when Dufus first played at the monthly Blang night at London's 12 Bar Club.

Mastered in Florida by Kramer, ex-Bongwater musician, Shimmy Disc label supremo and Galaxie 500/Low producer.



Blang 66 - Sterling Roswell - Atom Brain Monster-Rock! 7" single (June 2016)

1 Atom Brain Monster-Rock!
2 Atom Brain Monster-Rock! (Instrumental Mix)

"Atom Brain Monster-Rock!" is a lurching blank-eyed swamp thing dripping fuzz and tremelo over your turntable as ex-Spacemen 3 cosmonaut Sterling Roswell calls from the shadows about Obama keeping Cameron's brain in a pickle jar.






Blang 60 - Paul Hawkins And The Awkward Silences - Outsider Pop album (June 2016)

1 How We Lost The War
2 The Precautionary Principle
3 The Day I Saved The World
4 (How I Left The) New World Order
5 The Black Hound Of The Western Wood
6 The Canonbury Witch Trials
7 It Takes A Nation Of Idiots To Hold Me Back
8 The Substitute
9 Johnny
10 Walt Will Rise Again

"entertaining, thought provoking, lyrically razor sharp.... thanks be to bands who have something to say in a truly independent style" PENNYBLACKMUSIC

"a highly infectious album of pop parodies that penetrate the bland veneer of the contemporary irksome vacuum known as the mainstream. Shambling discontent at its finest."




Blang 63 - Joe Buzfuz - Now That I'm The Mayor Of London single (March 2016)

1 Now That I'm The Mayor Of London
2 3:15

"Joe Murphy's poetry enthralls as only his can" RADIO 2XS (Sheffield)

"Both sides feel like the work of a modern day bard" SOUND OF CONFUSION









Blang 64 - Milk Kan feat Emily Capell - Lego download single (December 2015)

1 Lego
2 Question This


As played on BBC 6 Music by Steve Lamacq (thrice) and Chris Hawkins (twice)









Blang 61 - Various - Lucky Dip download album (October 2015)

Compilation CD of tracks from the first ten years of the Blang archives.

1 MILK KAN - Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Tunes?
2 SHEEPY - Ket Party
3 THEE CEE CEES - Soap Box
4 EMILY CAPELL - Who Killed Smiley Culture?
5 PAUL HAWKINS AND THE AWKWARD SILENCES - It Takes A Nation Of Idiots To Hold Me Back
6 FILTHY PEDRO - Rock'n'Roll Points
7 MALCOLM KAKSOIS - Sexy Dentist
8 LUCY'S DIARY - Revolving Doors
9 DEXTER BENTLEY - Killer Kane
10 SERGEANT BUZFUZ - Truth And Lies
11 DAVID CRONENBERG'S WIFE - Jonny Bentham's Dilemma
12 SLATE ISLANDS - Internal Exile
13 MATT DOLPHIN - Deptford Shore
16 OCULUS III - Sweden (remix of David Cronenberg's Wife track)
18 THOMAS TRUAX - March Winds




Blang 58 - Sheepy - Wild EP (June 2015)

1 Wild
2 Stressmongers
3 Jeremiah Horrocks
4 Life Is Like A Ghost Train








Blang 52 - Lucy's Diary - Lucy's Diary album (May 2015)

Am I Strong
Milk And Honey
Pieces Of Me
Get Drunk And Kiss
Don’t Touch Me
Revolving Doors
Look What They’ve Done To My Song Ma


Second album from Lucy's Diary featuring Lucy Joplin- voice, JJ Crash - guitar, Mike Stone (Television personalities) - bass and Ian Button (Papernut Cambridge, Death In Vegas, Sgt Buzfuz, David Cronenberg's Wife, Awkward Silences) - drums.





Blang 57 - Thee Cee Cees - Solution Songs album (April 2015)

Marxist party punkers release pre-General Election debut album.

"Enough invention and energy to power three-quarters of Europe" DANNY BAKER
"An in-your-face masterpiece" (5/5) BOFF WHALLEY (CHUMBAWAMBA) R2
"A truly great album" 9/10 VIVE LE ROCK
"A timely tonic (4/5) DAILY MIRROR
"snappy riffs, poignant lyrics" (8/10) NME
"Probably the most significant political album of the decade" LOUDER THAN WAR
"supercharged, politically aware R&B with a distinct nod in the direction of Wilko Johnson-era Dr Feelgood" RECORD COLLECTOR
promoting positive action, well done!" TOM ROBINSON


Featuring Chris T-T- vox, Adam Devlin (Bluetones) - lead guitar, Steve 'Smiley' Barnard (Mescaleros) - drums, Billy Brentford (Thee Faction) - rhythm guitar, polemic, Andy Lewis (Paul Weller) - bass, Kerry Schultz and Darren Hayman - b vox

1 Deft Left
2 Solution Songs
3 Soapbox
4 Don't Call on Rock'n'Roll, Call on G.D.H. Cole
5 Have An Analysis
6 Never Cross
7 Better Than Wages
8 Vote!
9 Iain Duncan Smith's Weeping Hemorrhoids
10 Ready?
11 Relentless


Blang 50 - Sergeant Buzfuz - Balloons For Thin Linda album vinyl/CD (April 2015)

South London indie-folk band Sergeant Buzfuz return with their sixth album, the long awaited follow-up to 2012’s highly-rated Go To The Devil And Shake Yourself. Recorded, as usual, at One Cat Studio in Coldharbour Lane, Brixton by Jon Clayton (Band Of Holy Joy, Chris T-T, Pete And The Pirates), if the album has a theme, it’s the city in which it was recorded: starting out in Manor House we visit Stratford, Kensington, Elephant & Castle, Hampstead and Kilburn along the way. The exception is ‘S6 Girls’, set in songwriter Joe Murphy’s hometown of Sheffield.

"Imagine if Billy Bragg and The Beatles collaborated...creative, intelligent and quirky" FATEA

"21st century folk... a delight" AMERICANA UK

" well crafted and subversive... acute observations of modern ills...recalls Alan Hull, Robyn Hitchcock and Ray Davies" BLABBER 'N' SMOKE

"one of the freshest and most original records out now, reminds me a bit of The Kinks" RADIO FREE AMERICANA






Blang 56 - Sergeant Buzfuz - S6 Girls (comic and CD-R)

Comic book illustrating the lyric about a group of women on "a night out in Sheffield" to coin a phrase, with free CD-R. 

1 S6 Girls
2 S6 Sunday Morning





Blang 54 - Sergeant Buzfuz - Gold Feelings single (Dec 2014)

1 Gold Feelings
2 Cuckoo Boogie

"a chorus so contagious that Bob Geldof is probably considering another fundraising track to stop it" (Sounds XP)

"Sounds like? McGuinness Flint gone very odd on the chorus and Medicine Head on the rest of the A side... Cuckoo Boogie clatters a merry and misanthropic way to real joy. Is it any good? Oh yes." (Unpeeled)






Blang 45 - Sheepy/Lucy's Diary split single (Nov 2014)

A Sheepy - Don't Know Much
AA Lucy's Diary - Pieces Of Me

Don't Know Much: "energy, immediacy and pizazz by the bucketload" (Sonic Breakfast)










Blang 55 - Emily Capell - Who Killed Smiley Culture? single (July 2014)

1 Who Killed Smiley Culture?

2 Plastic

"Emily Capell is probably the artist that Lily Allen wishes she was; alternative, witty, current and fresh. Forgive me for getting excited but I think a wonderful new talent has just arrived" SOUNDS XP


"SOUNDS LIKE? It's not as if we need another good reason to melt Lily Allen down, but Emily Capell sounds like the only wise and street wise pop -mangling-mistress that you're likely to need. The delivery is all Eartha Kitt eating Jamie T but the very sparsely cool track has more in common with Dylan's "Hurricane" than any mockney rubbish. The flip is a spiteful bit of brilliant bile as well and "Plastic" is chopped out with a very respectable acoustic that's chugging along a classically American country railroad and it comes complete with lyrics that pretty much make half your Clash collection redundant.IS IT ANY GOOD? It's top fucking banana." UNPEELED

"Compelling, sarcastic, witty...and what a voice!" WE CLOSE TONIGHT


Blang 49 - David Cronenberg's Wife - Sweet Boy EP (March 2014)

1 Such A Sweet Boy
2 Pushin' Too Hard
3 The Rustler
4 Weil Du So Lieb Bist









Blang 48 - Sheepy - Sheepy (album) (Jan 2014)

1 Wrongun
2 Ket Party
3 These Clothes 
4 Don’t Know Much 
5 Another Day 
6 Everyone’s Just Waitin’ For Their Turn
7 Glum
8 Little Chatterbox
9 Warwick Hunt
10 Hugs & Kisses
11 Twenty Years
12 Art Jam

"a melodic, hook laden classic" LOUDER THAN WAR

"hooks as contagious as chicken pox" DO MORE

"an amazingly accomplished set of tunes! SOUNDS XP

"England's answer to Weezer" CHESTER CHRONICLE

"if you like guitar pop in the ilk of The Hives, Weezer, The Stands and The Pixies with a bit of Arctic Monkeys thrown in, this is for you... almost every track a potential single 8.5/10 " PA NEWS


Blang 47 - Sheepy - These Clothes single (Jan 2014)

1 These Clothes
2 Belly Dancer









Blang 46 - David Cronenberg's Wife - The Man At The Back Of The Woods EP (May 2013)

1 The Man At The Back Of The Woods
2 Losing It (With You Tonight)
3 My Best Friend's Going Out With A Girl I Like (Casio Version)
4 The Man At The Back Of The Woods (David Apple Remix)








Blang 44 - Corporal Machine And The Bombers - Richard Feaver In Goal (May 2013)

1 The Days Of White Lightning
2 Oi Oi Oi
3 Gloucester Road
4 Back Of The Boozer
5 Newham County
6 Praise Be The Beggar Thief
7 Cheers Up Britain
8 Harry Bow
9 51a Booze Street
10 (Plesae) Don't Scatter My Ashes In Romford
11 Five A Day
12 Singer/Songwriter
13 Ted Bovis

Romford’s Corporal Machine & The Bombers' debut album mixes twin guitar and brass knees-ups with mischievous gin-soaked kitchen sink dramas. When they first opened for The Television Personalities, Dan Treacy joked "you lot look like you've just walked out the Job Centre"! At the time transferable skills included gravedigging, welding and Newham Council refuse collection. Their performance that evening secured them regular TVPs support slots.


Blang 43 - David Cronenberg's Wife - Spiked EP (December 2012)

1 Spiked
2 Music Is My Enemy
3 Jonny Bentham's Dilemma (Casio Remix)
4 Spiked (Oculus III Remix)









Blang 39 - Sheepy/Vamos - Another Day split 7" EP (Dec 2012)

Sheepy side
1 Another Day
2 Bobble Hat Girl

Vamos side
1 Kiss Me
2 Drugfuck

Available as split vinyl 7" EP. Sheepy tracks available in Blang shop for free

"Ace" (Dave Gorman, Absolute Radio)
"I really like that" (Steve Lamacq, 6 Music)





Blang 37 - David Cronenberg's Wife - Don't Wait To Be Hunted To Hide (Nov 2012)

1 Pain Ahead
2 Spiked
3 Such A Sweet Boy
4 The Man At The Back Of The Woods
5 Love Is A Headless Dog
6 Coriolanus In The Bedroom
7 The Pied Piper Of Maidenhead
8 For Laura Kingsman
9 Lonelyman
10 Man

"Like The Bad Seeds DCW are skilled at interpreting the lyrical moods of their singer, which is helped by the fact that Tom Mayne sounds part Nick Cave and part Mark E Smith. But Mayne goes further than them in the fearlessness of his lyrics.... Mayne’s skill, like Vladimir Nabakov or Neil LeBute, is to create a convincing character who can say the most unpleasant things and cause a reaction.... the combination of challenging social commentary and great tunes make it an occasionally tough listen but a vital one. This is proper independent music – in production, distribution and vision." SOUNDS XP


"If you found some of the characters in Pulp songs too unsavoury then this will upset and unsettle you.  But that’s all the more reason to turn off so-called reality TV and listen to this album, the most truly controversial I’ve heard all year....These days there’s barely any shock value in rock ‘n’ roll – it’s all been done before, from biting off a bat’s head to cutting up your arm.  Love songs about paedophiles are one of the last taboos, but this album seems more about provoking debate than merely provoking outrage." TREBUCHET


"Weird-rock that provokes thought in a way very few albums do." THE ARTS DESK


Blang 36 - Matt Dolphin - Eighth House (August 2012)

Matt Dolphin (his real name) is a singer, songwriter and painter based in Kent. He used to play with Joe Murphy AKA Sergeant Buzfuz in North London band Bedlam Opera whose ex-members also include Chris T-T.

For fans of Nick Drake, Lee Hazlewood, Nick Cave and Jeff Buckley.

Eighth House was produced by Jon Clayton (Jim Bob, Rob Ellis, Pete And The Pirates, Chris T-T, Sergeant Buzfuz) at One Cat in Brixton.

It’s released as a download album and hand-made CD-R with personalised art by Dolphin.

"powerful and moving...stark, desolate and downcast, yet oddly life-affirming at the same time" (Sounds XP)

1 Barbary Slave
2 Black Psalm
3 Dirty Mash
4 Grace Of The Winds
5 Wormwood
6 Patterns And Demons
7 Useless Eater
8 Deptford Shore


Blang 40 - Sergeant Buzfuz - Go To The Devil And Shake Yourself (April 2012)

1 Here Come The Popes Part 1
2 Here Come The Popes Parts 2 & 3
3 Here Come The Popes Part 4
4 Theme 3
5 Sure Le Pontiff D'Avignon
6 Two Popes
7 Palais Des Papes, Deserted
8 A Hole In The Wall
9 Gregory XII Vs Benedict XIII
10 Benefictus The Fake
11 Council Of Pisa
12 Unholy Trinity
13 Go To The Devil And Shake Yourself

“Go To The Devil And Shake Yourself” chronicles the first fourteen centuries of the papacy.

Joe Murphy is performing the album  for sixteen nights at the Edinburgh Festival Free Fringe in August 2012.

"It's mental, in a good way. Absolutely hooked on it" IAN RANKIN

a ‘Horrible Histories’ complete with the miasma stench of bestiality, incest and prostitution, ... an entertaining and informative experience... The album is divided between the introductory and recurring Here Comes The Popes entitled mantras first half, and the more experimentally, Factory Records imbued, “schism” second... an often unsettling post-punk influence... GOD IS IN THE TV

“A complete mishmash of psychedelia, Celtic folk, punk, improv, drone-rock and the occasional douse of pop, their live shows are never short of breath-taking with violins and mandolins playing at immense speeds.” SHOUT FOR MUSIC

“chocked full of witty and intelligent lyrics... a truly brave and ambitious project and I can guarantee that you won't hear anything else like it, EVER.” SUBBA-CULTCHA

“the finest tracks here have a determined energy, eccentricity and radical sense of purpose very few records being released at the moment do.... almost certainly destined to become a future cult “lost” album... It will be a long time before you hear the like again.” BEARDED

“Musically inventive, they are by turn complex, playful and challenging, marrying dulcimer, violin, cello and accordion folks sounds with loose-limbed funk grooves” “dry wit and incisive lyrics” R2/ROCK’N’REEL

“I find myself almost lost for words...absolutely glorious” PETER MUGGS, THE ARTS DESK

“an eye-opener and an eyebrow-raiser” GIDEON COE, BBC 6 MUSIC

“the folk-proggyness of The Decemberists crossed with the Television Personalities” A MUSICAL PRIORITY

“It’s a peculiar record. I think I rather like it though” TOM RAVENSCROFT, BBC 6MUSIC

“every now and then an album arrives that so completely engages it matters not from whereabouts in the left-field it arrives... absorbing... you will either love or hate this... truly a musical Marmite moment. Me? I loved it.” FOLKWORDS

“brave... a refreshing degree of commitment” SOCIALIST WORKER



Blang 42 - Sheepy - Glum (April 2012)

“Had The Kinks began life as a Merseybeat band it's easy to imagine their psychedelic mid-period could have produced tracks like 'Glum'…. joyfully out of step, inhabiting its own psych-pop bubble… Luke Jones is making this whole music lark look far too easy.” SOUNDS XP

“evokes the precise and archly artistic pop of 10cc… It makes you wonder what wonders Sheepy will add to ''Glum'' once you've all paid for this single. The flip, ''Craic Injector'', bangs seven kinds of fuck out of it though.” UNPEELED

“draws comparisons to Welsh wizards Super Furry Animals.” A MUSICAL PRIORITY

“captivating” MUDKISS

1 Glum
2 Craic Injector


Blang 41 - Thomas Truax - Monthly Journal (February 2012)

1. January Egg Race Dream
2. February What Ya Doin To Me  
3. March Winds  
4. April Showers   
5. Free As Fireflies In May 
6. Lost On The Moon In June 
7. A Gold Star for Miss July
8. Midnight In August         
9. Grandmother's Advice     
10. Everything's Gone Halloween
11. November In Berlin      
12. Family & Friends

Monthly Journal is the result of Thomas’s self-imposed challenge to write, record and release online a song each month throughout 2011. The year proved challenging. His father died in March ('March Winds'), a 5-year love relationship broke up in June ('Lost On The Moon In June'), and more recently he was forced to leave England which he has called home for the past several years due to tightening UK visa restrictions. Add to this the political, economic and social unrest of the past year, and there was no shortage of substance from which Truax could draw inspiration for this unique project.


Blang 38 - Sheepy - Predator EP (November 2011)

1 Predator
2 One Cup Of Coffee
3 Bread And Noodles
4 My Friends
5 Don't Know Much (demo)

Debut EP from Liverpool songwriter Luke Jones AKA Sheepy.

‘classic indie-guitar songwriting... the title track has a non-stop, melodic, powerpop rush and undeniable charm. 'Bread And Noodles' is early Super Furry Animals jamming with Teenage Fanclub and is all the better for it. A superb debut and definitely a talent to keep your eye on’ SOUNDS XP

a voice tailored by superior beings… brilliant… a pop classic’ UNPEELED

‘Quite simply a great track’ SOCCER AM SITE


Blang 35 - Milk Kan - The Junk Shop CD album (June 2011)

1 Junkshop
2 Question This
3 Slingin' The Sling
4 Medders Stop Drinkin' White Ace
5 Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Tunes?
6 Hotdog State Of Mind
7 Superbad
8 The View From The Top
9 Lego
10 The Song The Night Owned

"get yourself down to your local record shop and exchange that dull lifeless ten pound note for something a little, no, a lot more colourful" (Fred Perry Subculture)

"Produced by respected dub master Prince Fatty, it’s a fine, genre-defying catch-all kaleidoscope of sound" (Whisperin And Hollerin)

"Oozing with heaps of British eccentricity and subtle maturity, Junk Shop should be on the top of your C.D collection by the end of the Summer. The album cover should be lost somewhere in your filthy bedroom under the empty beer cans and spliff roaches,  and the disk should be trapped in the HiFi, stuck on full volume. Awesome stuff." (Rhythm Circus)


Blang 34 - Milk Kan - Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Tunes? download single (June 2011)

1 Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Tunes?
2 Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Tunes? (Acoustic Version)










Blang 33 - Sergeant Buzfuz - Danny's Room/Molly's Bar download single (May 2011)

A Danny's Room
AA Molly's Bar

"this impressive double A-side is an excellent showcase for the band’s idiosyncratic Folk-Pop sound....Whether taken individually or collectively ‘Danny’s Room’ and ‘Molly’s Bar’ are among the best songs these unlikely Celtic-tinged Pop heroes have mustered to date. If (like me) you believe there’s always room for great story-telling in modern music you could do a lot worse than let Sergeant Buzfuz feel your collar." (Whisperin And Hollerin)







Blang 32 - Slate Islands - You Are The One download single (April 2011)

1 You Are The One
2 The Plunge

"well executed, witty and more than a little disturbing" (Sounds XP)








Blang 31 - Lucy's Diary - Rock Kicks download single (November 2010)

1 Rock Kicks
2 Rock Kicks Brigitte Bravadot Mix
3 Rock Kicks Oculus III Mix

"Simple, boisterous and happy to smudge its lipstick all over your mirror before it exits stage left, it's all day-glo fun on the outside, but when Lucy Joplin sings stuff like “you say it’s easy, I don’t think anything’s easy/ clean clothes, made up and brushed hair/ I can make it here, I can make it anywhere” you instantly know that her junior Kim Deal stance has been achieved by repeated attendance at the school of hard knocks rather than through affectation.   
It’s a pleasant change to hear a couple of half-decent remixes making up the numbers too. The ‘Brigitte Bravadot’ mix (very funny) comes from producer/ Death In Vegas collaborator Ian Button and it buffs ‘Rock Kicks’ up for some shiny, electronica-fuelled dance floor action. When you’ve danced your ass off, the ‘Oculus III’ mix – from Sergeant Buzfuz’s Joe Buzfuz – then brings you the opiated, Sunday morning come-down. Long on atmosphere and intelligence, it’s an effective way to wrap up a pretty cool EP." (Whisperin And Hollerin)


Blang 30 - Sergeant Buzfuz - Knock Knock Knock EP (February 2011)

1 Knock Knock Knock
2 Shift In The Sand
3 Horns And Claws
4 Wake Up Brixton, Eat Your Breakfast (Knock Knock Knock Oculus III Mix)








Blang 29 - Milk Kan - Junkshop download single (November 2010)

1 Junkshop
2 Junkshop Hertzian Remix
3 Junkshop Hertzian Club Remix

"'Junkshop’ demonstrates this MILK KAN is still topped up with eclectic goodness. This time round, our favourite Sarf London genre-hoppers seem to have gone all Sarf American on us, for ‘Junkshop’ revels in a wobbly and delicious Caribbean vibe, all Colombian rhythms, saucy Ska leanings and Rico Rodriguez-style trombones. It’s still irresistible, still sharp as Sweeney Todd, but with a tangible air of menace lobbed in to ensure the protection money arrives on time. Just to ram the point home, we get a coupla smart remixes from fellow Sarf London dubstep drum’n’bass duo Hertzian. The first is especially good, recalling the much-missed Lo-Fidelity All-stars with an additional squadron of electronic dive bombers swooping around your ears in case your attention wavers. That scenario ain’t ever really on the cards though. Milk Kan, then, still bring us the sound of London’s creative underground at its’ best. We bandy terms like ‘eclectic’ and ‘sonic mash-up’ around like they’re confetti these days, but these guys really are fearless. Spend a night with them at the ‘Junkshop’. What you leave with may well have come off the back of a lorry, but you needn’t worry about its’ quality. Of that, I can assure you." (Whisperin And Hollerin)


Blang 28 - Corporal Machine And The Bombers - Cheer Up Britain download single (October 2010)

1 Cheer Up Britain
2 Gloucester Road (Booze St Version)

Ex-Newham Council binman (until he got laid off) Euan Hartley was playing solo as Euan Corporal Machine until he assembled various Romford musicians who became the Bombers. Perfecting a life-affirming set mixing the Bombers’ twin guitar and brass knees-ups with the Corporal’s gin-soaked kitchen sink dramas the band started to make regular forays into London where they fell in with the antifolk crowd at Whitechapel’s Rhythm Factory, Soho’s 12 Bar Club and various squat parties. ‘Cheer Up Britain’ lollops in on a tuba-driven skiffle reggae beat and is a passionate call for life amidst the decay of modern Britain. An update on the Gang Of 4’s credo “to Hell with poverty, we’ll get drunk on cheap wine”. If the A side’s a party then the delicate B side ‘Gloucester Road’ is the morning after, the rueful vocals and lovely acoustic guitar showing there’s more to this band than the anarchic bonhomie o their live shows. This is just the first salvo from Corporal Machine & The Bombers. There’s plenty more ammo in their rifles.


Blang 27 - David Cronenberg's Wife - Sweden download EP (September 2010)

1 Sweden (album version)
2 Cymru (Welsh language version)
3 Sweden Oculus III Mix
4 Sweden 8Spirit Mix
5 Sweden David Apple Mix

“Sweden” sees DCW eschew their usual bleak urban storytelling for a stream-of-consciousness reverie about dreams, possibilities and the crushing disappointments of reality. The band grind out a cyclical nagging 2 note guitar line, which grows into a bee-loud headache as Tom Mayne’s detached Mancunian voiceover appears like interference from another station, a scientist explaining a weather pattern. Omega-3 fish oils, Annabel Croft, Ingmar Bergman, sex, repetition.
“What can you do when you can only raise a smile? My troubles with women? As Groucho said: ‘I wouldn’t want to belong to any club which would have me as a member’”
This 5 track Swedenfest features “Sweden” sung in Welsh and 3 remixes. South London-based Oculus III: ethereal psy-trance. 18 year-old North Londoner 8Spirit: cut-ups filtered through cold Swedish sunlight. New Zealand-based David Apple: analogue synth-pop (the mix to check if you want to hear the words clearly!).


Blang 26 - Sergeant Buzfuz - Popes 4 Cops 1 download single (February 2010)

1 Here Come The Popes Part 4
2 Here Come The Cops

"Continuing their recent obsession with Papal history and ripped from last year’s ‘High Slang’ full length, the absolutely smoked and shit faced ‘Here Come The Popes’ is liberally dusted in the kind of wasted and off centred fat funky fancifulness that was once the loose fit sole remit of a ‘Bummed’ era Happy Monday’s though obviously here appearing to have debunked Shaun and in his place hastily acquired John Cooper Clarke for vocal niceties, lest we forget to mention the let it hang loose trippy looping locked groove shuffles and momentary excursions into BAD styled hook hungry mild psyche tweaked choral tastiness. Well smart. Psych purists may well be advised to head trip over to the flip side, ’Here Come The Cops’ is a suitably chilled and bliss wired re-drill of the original mix inspired in the main by red light prowling Vatican priest Cesare Burgazzi’s embarrassing buzz with the fuzz. A mind wiring trip wiring tapestry of mood melting retro groove that’s heavy on the bass and delay effects dissolving dreamscapes and very much dipped and draped deliciously in a kind of spaced out 70’s styled fried funk that to these ears sounds not unlike those dudes of cool Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve shimmying up to a particularly out of it though all the same sublimely irresistible Superimposers to score for your considered listening appreciation a chic lysergic tipped variation of blaxploitation muzak with the help of the Ozrics and the New Fast Automatic Daffodils." (Losing Today)

"Buzfuz are very clever, but not clever-clever, if you know what I mean. ‘Here Come the Popes, Part 4’ is driven by a VU groove that’s criss-crossed by an unsettling keyboard riff, and it lists some of the Papacy’s worst crimes with some of Joe Murphy’s best lines: “the inquisition seemed a good idea at the time”. There’s a great instrumental remix of ‘Part 4’ in cop show stylee, paying tribute to the story of a high speed car chase through a red light district involving a Vatican priest, which ended with: “don’t you know who I am?” Entertaining, educational (listen in if you want to know “the pope of bling”), but not on the Nazi pope’s jukebox, one suspects. (Sounds XP)

"an addictively good tune" (Organ)


Blang 25 - Filthy Pedro And The Carthaginians - Get Your Beak On download single (April 2010)

1 Get Your Beak On
"Crazy indie/rap crossover from London-based Filthy Pedro, pretty fat beat i’m sure you’ll agree. Complete with mad ‘chicken in a box style’ flute loop." (Jesterman)








Blang 24 - Filthy Pedro & the Carthaginians CD album (April 2010)

For the last two years Filthy and his band the Carthaginians have been writing and recording an album about hedonism, history and sexual deviancy blending folk, pop, blues and hip hop beats to sound something like early Beck (Mellow Gold/Stereophonic Soul Manure) performing in The Bonzo Dog Do Dah Band (I’m The Urban Spaceman) – it’s edgy, quirky and quintessentially British.

“transcends the whole spectrum of anti-folk, straddling the lanes between lo-fi punk rock and
mellow folk tunage." (Bearded Magazine)

"They are in fact one of the bands that you cannot understand why, but you can't seem to stop listening to them. They have an edge above the rest, they don't seem to sound similar to anyone which is the way get noticed. " (Music Utopia)

"The most exciting thing to come out of Anglesey since the 8.45am to Bangor. Lo-rent, lo-fi indie rock n roll that works on this biblical 21 tracker disc" (Manchester Music)

1. Rock’N’Roll PointsFilthy Pedro and the Carthaginians album
2. They Kicked Me Out Of Anglesey
3. Welsh Chins
4. Man, I’m Old!
5. Get Your Beak On
6. Claudius T. Skull’s Haircut
7. Bubble Wrap
8. History Lover
9. Surbiton River Boat Song
10. What Goes Up
11. Librarian Blues
12. I’m Too Good For You
13. Dawnsio Gwerin
14. The Raver’s Prayer
15. Gilgamesh
16. Sod ‘em All
17. Lunch
18. The Julio-Claudian Caesars
19. Superfood
20. Dolphins Of Rotherham
21. Country Life


Blang 23 - David Cronenberg's Wife - Hypnagogues CD album (November 2009)

Stockport’s “bright sparks” DCW release their second album, Hypnagogues (meaning a drug that induces sleep) a year on from their critically acclaimed debut Bluebeard’s Rooms (BLANG9). The
single track “The Fight Song” released in May landed the band a well deserved Marc Riley session on BBC 6 Music where some of the album tracks were aired. Hypnagogues is a selection of eloquent
kitchen sink dramas set to Tom Mayne’s trademark sardonic lyrical humour and the bands bright surf-psych guitars but this time, a distinct country & western spirit haunts the album, particularly with some of the more melancholic folksy tracks such as “In the Limo” and “Desperate Little Man”. BBC London’s Gary Crowley described the first DCW album as “a cross between Clinic and Suicide” but this album demonstrates a deeper respect for Jonathan Richman and the Velvets.

“if there is a god this release should see them getting showered with gold” Artrocker
David Cronenberg's Wife - Hypnagogues CD album
“a breathtaking musical and emotional rollercoaster ride” Sounds XP

1. Sweden
2. Can’t Keep Doing What You Do
3. The Lou Reed Song
4. Fight Song
5. In the Limo
6. You Should’ve Closed the Curtains
7. Body to Sleep With
8. Desperate Little Man
9. Make Me a Channel of Your Peace
10. Jailbird
11. Drawn Again.



Blang 22 - David Cronenberg's Wife - Jailbird download EP (November 2009)

1 Jailbird (Single Mix)
2 Eugene
3 Bad Feeling About Anna Karenina
4 Harry The Morgue (Church Mix)

Eugene is a live favourite. Bad Feeling About Anna Karenina is a cover of a song by NYC antifolker Phoebe Kreutz. The Church Mix of Harry The Morgue is completely different to the album version and features sepulchral organ.





Blang 21 - Milk Kan - Don't Panic download single (August 2009)

1 Don't Panic
2 Who Broke Susan Boyle?

"There's no denying it; I really like Milk Kan. From the very first demo I heard, which was raw and stuffed full of social commentary, this band have kept honest to their roots. 'Don't Panic' continues their stampede, plucked from their album and every bit as relevant as it was when it was written. What's more, this single is backed with the excellent 'Who Broke Susan Boyle?', with it's anti-social commentary of the whole debacle.It's refreshing to hear a lyricist that isn't scared to say exactly what he thinks and it's a bonus that the songs are totally catchy too" (The Mag)

"B-side, Who Broke Susan Boyle? reveals how witty and poetically mature the Londoners are." (Noize Makes Enemies)


Blang 20 - Malcolm Kaksois - Introduction Of A Pest download album (August 2009)

1 Eat Your Ice Cream
2 A Can Of Beer Or Two
3 Liver Sausage Boy
4 There's Always Some Arsehole In The Park
5 It Is You That I Love
6 Goth Funerals
7 My Years In The Wormery
8 The Doctor Of Love
9 The Old Books
10 Haven't We Done Enough Of Everything?

Malcolm Kaksois divides his time between driving tubes on the London Underground and performing misanthropic bittersweet songs with a hypnotic style of thrumming his nylon-stringed guitar. He regularly plays in Finland to big audiences but remains a cult secret in the UK.

His first release “Sexy Dentist” (orange 7 inch vinyl) prompted a Yorkshire mail order record shop to say:
“it's an absolute joy from start to end…. It's fucking great if I'm honest and it was very almost single of the week!!” (Norman Records)

Kaksois has released innumerable self-made CDR albums which he sells at gigs. “The Introduction Of A Pest” is his first ‘proper’ album release.

Listening to the album you’d probably not guess his gigs are such comic affairs. These recordings shroud the songs in claustrophobic noise and whispers adding an unsettling menace to his surreal stories of trying to make sense of a bewildering world.


Blang 19 - Lucy's Diary - Rock Kicks CD album (August 2010)

Giving two impassioned fingers to a music scene littered with synth-led female singers, Lucy’s Diary stand out by playing angsty, cheeky pop-punk with big guitars and lyrics as raw and real as they come. Each track an infectious, emotive slice of life, a story within the bigger story of the album.

Each tale universal despite their sometimes troubling inspirations, all glued together perfectly by Joplin’s gutsy, dusky vocals with the syrupy gravel of Kim Deal and the balls and venom of Courtney Love combined.

Lucy's Diary - Rock Kicks CD album

“Dangerously unhinged & relentlessly real” Whisperin & Hollerin

“Scathing pop perfection” Music OMH

1. Not Your Type At All
2. Jumped In The Sea
3. Less Of Me
4.No Be Good
5. Rock Kicks
6. The Party Line
7. Dirty & Smudged
8. You Can’t Come In I’m Dead
9. Targets
10. Song 1
11. Porno Mags & Sofas


Blang 18 - Lucy's Diary - Not Your Type At All download single (May 2010)

1 Not Your Type At All
2 Dirty And Smudged

"a sparkling slice of contemporary post punk pop. 'Not Your Type at All' is an explosion of spite filled alliteration... skips along and bursts out over a simple but catchy, snappy chorus before finishing with a primal scream.... autobiographical, hard bitten uncompromising vitriol, but shaped with a commercial craft and a poppy inner core that makes for a potent single" (Get Ready To Rock)




Blang 17 - Dan Edelstyn and the Orchestra of Cardboard – Germans in Space 7" Single (September 2009)

Germans In Space is a historical sci-fi fantasy based on the notion of a group of German scientists who escaped the Holocaust. It’s inspired by “me reading a lot of H.G.Wells and Jules Verne and apocalyptic predictions”.Dan Edelstyn and the Orchestra of Cardboard – Germans in Space 7 inch Single

A Germans In Space
B Psycho Town








Blang 16 - Milk Kan - I'm A Nobody download single (March 2009)

1 I'm A Nobody
2 The Salt Over The Wrong Shoulder
3 I'm A Nobody (Uke version)

"I could listen to this track for the rest of my life and never get bored." (The Mag)








Blang 15 - Sergeant Buzfuz – High Slang CD album (February 2009)

Latest release from Blang (recently profiled on Huw Stephens on Radio 1) ‘High Slang’, the 4th album from Sergeant Buzfuz, is an eclectic mash-up of pop, psychedelia, Celtic folk, punk, improv, drone-rock and remix culture. It features the single Here Come The Popes Part 3 which was championed by Mark Lamarr at Radio 2 and Tom Robinson at 6 Music, who invited them in for a live session. The single was proclaimed Single Of The Month at Playlouder. “One of my favourite songs for some time... I love its spirit, I love the idea behind it, I love the fact that it’s like nothing else I’ve ever heard” (Mark Lamarr, Radio 2)

“Universally charming” (NME)

“Ceaselessly inventive...14 candidates for John Peel’s Festive Fifty” (TimeOut)

“ Dazzling...Referencing 1960s punk, psychedelia, Krautrock, Irish folk, glam-rock and drone, Sergeant Buzfuz achieve a harmonious, chiming mash-up, sounding like none of the above. ‘High Slang’ should be the record which catapults the band out of the underground” (Aesthetica)

“Buzfuz are a bloody riot” (Plan B)

“songs full of spirit, an album full of them” (Organ, Album Of The Week)

“Blending an awe inspiring instrumental with poetic and story-telling lyrics on each and every song its difficult to be even remotely bored by this band.” (Music-Zine) “Sergeant Buzfuz definitely do whatever they like and they definitely have something to say. Endearing and compelling,” (Supersweet)Sergeant Buzfuz – High Slang CD album

1 God To Holloway
2 Here Come The Popes Part 2
3 Here Come The Popes Part 3
4 Cockney Rebel
5 Names For Girls
6 Mothership Zelda
7 In The Back Of My Cab
8 Kay Malone
9 -itis
10 My Drinking Friends
11 Rebellion With fries
12 Kisses From The Sickbed
13 Here Come The Popes Part 4
14 Go Hoot, Owl Lady


Blang 14 - Sergeant Buzfuz - God To Holloway download single (January 2009)

1 God To HollowayGod To Holloway cover art
2 Go Hoot, Owl Lady (Oculus III Remix of God To Holloway)

'‘God To Holloway’  could well be the London quintet’s finest moment to date and whether you agree or not there’s no denying that in our gaff this has had us in something of a swoon. Blending a curious pop transfusion that sees subtle washes of 60’s styled soft psyche dialects sumptuously caressed by down tempo / lounge like lilts all brought to bear by a delicious backline of harpsichord treatments (and yes I am open to corrections from person or persons saying it’s a dulcimer) and configured with a crooked and wonky time signature that frankly wouldn’t look to amiss on a Robyn Hitchcock record we here are thinking that this curiously rousing slice of day-glo pop peppered with all manner of lolloping overtures, off kilter shimmies and floral follies may well be right up the street of admirers of the much missed Dawn of the Replicants. Strangely perfect in other words' (Losing Today)


Blang 13 - David Cronenberg's Wife - The Fight Song download EP (May 09)

1.The Fight Song Fight Song cover
2.Suicide – Stretch Out
3.I Do Know (rare mix)
4. I Couldn’t Get Off (rare mix)

"The Fight Song pokes into the dingier corners of relationships...Some people write songs you wish you'd written. David Cronenberg's Wife write the songs you're glad you never thought of." (Sounds XP)

"This is a song for anyone who's had a spiteful fight after a night out at the pub where words have been slung, but nothing more, and yet manages to be more hurtful than any bar room brawl. Without doubt a song for the twisted generation. " (Pennyblack)

"Deranged" (Get Ready To Rock)


Blang 12 - Milk Kan - Milk Kan (album) (December 2008)

Hot on the heels of their Dec 2008 top 10 Indie Chart hit (God with an Ipod) comes the long anticipated debut album from MILK KAN, an earthy fusion of bluegrass, old-skool hip-hop and late 70’s punk with respectful nods to the Ramones, Beastie Boys and Woody Guthrie storytelling. Their critically acclaimed debut “Bling Bling Baby” – which hit 13 in the independent charts in Dec 2005 attracted national airplay and support from BBC luminaries Steve Lamacq, Jonathan Ross, Mark Radcliffe and Chris Moyles catapulted MK into a string of major league live shows in 2006 & 2007 supporting The Strokes at Hyde Park’s Wireless Festival, Babyshambles at East London’s Rhythm Factory, The Violent Femmes at Shepherds Bush Empire – as well as extensive UK tours supporting Hayseed Dixie and current punk-underground darlings The King Blues.

“This band is something special. I Loved God with an iPod so it’s my album of the Week” Huw Stephens BBC Radio 1

“This is an album you must own” The MagMilk Kan - Milk Kan (album)

1 Bling Bling Baby
2 Hate Me Too
3 Don’t it suck that you gotta grow up
4 God with an Ipod
5 I’m a Nobody
6 Different Game
7 Without You
8 I want my MTV
9 What you see Ain’t what you Get
10 Don’t Panic
11 1st Century Love

Plus bonus track Finding my way home



Blang 11 - Milk Kan - God With An iPod single (December 2008)

An earthy fusion of bluegrass charm and old-skool hip-hop – Milk Kan’s third single is an infectious slice of irreverent humour that questions whether the devil really has the best tunes. The first release from MK’s forthcoming debut album; and follows their previous unpublicized “white label” release of the Dolly Parton sampling “Here Ya Come Again and Again” and their critically acclaimed debut “Bling Bling Baby” – which hit 13 in the independent charts.
Milk Kan - God With An Ipod
No 10 in UK Indie charts in week of release making Blang DIY Label of the Week by Huw Stephens Radio 1

1 God With An Ipod
2 Prozac Blues

CD only bonus track:

3 God With An Ipod (Acoustic) (onCD only)





Blang 10 - Sergeant Buzfuz – Here Come The Popes Part 3 7” single (September 2008)

Here Come The Popes Part 3 is the latest in a series of songs from Sergeant Buzfuz cataloguing the sordid history of the Papacy - a string-driven romp through the 11th and 12th centuries. "Something a bit special" (Tom Robinson, BBC 6). Sgt Buzfuz hail from the North and the Midlands but are based in South London. Here Come The Popes Part 3 is from their forthcoming 4th album High Slang, due in early 2009. The album is a mixture of pop, punk, psychedelia, Arabic percussion, Celtic folk, remix culture, classical, drone-rock and improv music. B side Dentist To The Stars is a sinister tale of an anaeshetist who dreams of killing a celebrity patient as they slumber to a soundtrack of shimmering dulcimer.

“One of my favourite songs for some time... I love its spirit, I love the idea behind it, I love the fact that it’s like nothing else I’ve ever heard” (Mark Lamarr, BBC Radio 2)

“Absolutely brilliant” (Tom Robinson, BBC 6)

Sergeant Buzfuz – Here Come The Popes Part 3 - 7 inch single (purple vinyl)

“like the Pogues beating up My Life Story....Single of the month by a mile” (Playlouder)

"Popes manages to be political, amusing, adventurous, intelligent and incredibly memorable, features which are rare in isolation, and seldom ever found in the same song at the same time. It’s quirky without being whacky, imaginative without being self-indulgent, and funny without being throwaway. It may even at times make you feel angry." (Sweeping The Nation - 100 Best Tracks Of The Noughties)

“a bizarre string-driven song about those popes of the middle ages that’s kind of XTCish” (Organ)

“unselfconsciously smart-pop, with a noir-psychedelic twist” (Sounds XP) "sounds rather like what you’d get if the characters in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales had played a football match instead of making a pilgrimage (Bearded)

A Here Come The Popes Part 3
B Dentist To The Stars


Blang 9 - David Cronenberg’s Wife – Bluebeard’s Rooms CD album (August 2008)

Debut album from ascending underground music scenesters DCW with their distinctive sharply observed dark urban tales soundtracked to post-punk surf-psych guitars. Follows third single Runaway Pram (released on 14 July – download only). Second single “my best friend’s going out with a girl i like” was Band Aid single of the week on BBC 6music’s Shaun Kevenay’s breakfast show while Music Week described it as “sarcastic, sardonic and articulate” and that “I can guarantee once you’ve heard this it will stick in your head all day”. BBC London’s Gary Crowley describes the sound as “a cross between Clinic and Suicide”.

‘a work of dirty minded genius’ (Sounds XP, Top Ten Albums of 2008) ‘For sheer scope and lyrical intensity, David Cronenberg’s Wife have made one of the best albums of the year’ (The Fly)

‘creepy, weird, and brilliant’ (Line Of Best Fit)David Cronenberg’s Wife – Bluebeard’s Rooms CD album

‘An actual modern masterpiece’ (Room 13)

‘Not many albums this strong being made in this decade’ (Norman Records)

‘an altogether cracking debut album by a band who have managed to excite and simultaneously unnerve the senses in a way seldom achieved in the present musical climate’ (Supersweet)

1 Runaway Pram
2 Coming To Your Hometown
3 I Do Know
4 Jonny Bentham’s Dilemma
5 I Couldn’t Get Off
6 Pale-Skinned Girl
7 My Best Friend’s Going Out With A Girl I Like
8 The Neighbourhood Knows
9 Where Is Lucy Leveugle?
10 Harry The Morgue
11 I’m On The Booze, Mama



Blang 8 - David Cronenberg's Wife - Runaway Pram download single (July 2008)

"A third single from the now London based Manchester band’s forthcoming debut album. They sound like their roots are in the North with those slightly twisted slightly angular Fall flavoured new wave moves and those Joy Division hints. No Manc clone though, just occurring naturally, something in their DNA. A krautish psychedelic keyboard, an articulate delivery and a menacing undercurrent and those versions in German and Russian add to it all."(Organ)

1 Runaway Pram
2 Runaway Pram (German version)
Runaway Pram (Russian version)




Blang 7 - deXter Bentley - Killer Kane 7" single (May 2008)

Debut single from Resonance FM broadcasters deXter Bentley. A side is an acoustic pop grower and a tribute to New York Doll Arthur Kane. This song is a veritable earworm after a couple of exposures, particularly the vocal harmonies and descending chords of it’s main hookline. B side Swansong is a more downbeat mandolin-driven shanty.deXter Bentley - Killer Kane 7

‘'Killer Kane' is a pop song with the rich vocal of Richard Bentley, which tells the story of Arthur Kane's life backwards from his demise. It's got great mini-climaxes spread throughout it's four and a bit minutes’ (The Mag) ‘it just grows and grows adding more and more instruments and pace and climaxing for what seems like the whole song until it reaches a release near the end in a most satisfying fashion’ (Noize Makes Enemies) (ooh-er missus!)

‘Frankly irresistible’ (Losing Today)

A Killer Kane
B Swansong

Extra tracks on download EP: Roadie Song/Up With The Larks


Blang 6 - David Cronenberg's Wife - My Best Friend's Going Out With A Girl I Like 7" single (April 2008)

Second single from ascending underground music scenesters DCW. The band’s hallmark surf guitar and snare heavy drums combine with ingenious outbursts of electrical appliances to underpin A-side’s delirious tale of betrayal and revenge – a modern day teenage blues lament. Opposites attract and B-side complements with a tender story of a marriage ceremony gone wrong. Or is it? Google “Altair Voyager”.

‘The music just drills into your head like the best Quickspace tunes used to do, with that relentless repetitive drive, cool & loose, hypnotic & sinister....but going back to those lyrics....they're bleakly hilarious. I can't figure whether the protaganist is a total psychopath or just a lovelorn sweetie but Daniel Clowes could write a short comic strip for this addictive offering on Blang. A hearty treat of motorik surf-psych genius!’ (Norman Records, Single Of The Week)

‘an addictive Victorian version of The Cramps. It’s warm, dark, yet in parts icy cold and not at all too dissimilar (but with a morbidly attractive humour), to some of Clinic’s best work’ (Manchester Music)David Cronenberg's Wife - My Best Friend's Going Out With A Girl I Like 7

Single of the Week – Music Week

A My Best Friend's Going Out With A Girl I Like
B Altair Voyager








Blang 5 - Malcolm Kaksois - Sexy Dentist 7" single (September 2007)

Sexy Dentist is a lo-fi flamenco shuffle. B side Heartbreak Hotelli chronicles a night at a Finnish hotel. ‘Here's the debut 7" by Malcolm Kaksois which is the most ridiculous tale of a guy who fancies his dentist. He likes the way she drills... he eats toffees so he can go back to see her and she can fix his unrequited love infested tooth cave. There's an enormous whiff of Half Man Half Biscuit about this and it's an absolute joy from start to end with it's cod Spanish guitar stylings. It's fucking great if I'm honest and it was very almost single of the week!! I mean anything called 'Sexy Dentist' gets thumbs up from me! Orange wax and well daft’ (Norman records)

Malcolm Kaksois - Sexy Dentist 7

7" single:
Sexy Dentist
B Heartbreak Hotelli

Extra tracks on download EP:
3 I Love You Even More (When You Piss On My Flames)
4 International Slimmer Of The Year









Blang 4 - David Cronenberg's Wife - I Couldn't Get Off 7" single (August 2007)


Debut single from prominent London based Antifolk and underground music scenesters – two DCW tracks already feature on the Billy Childish compilation “Somewhere Between Heaven & Woolworths” (Fortune Teller Records). Big beats and bright psychedelic/surf guitar cut through A side’s warped take on sexual frustration. B side compliments with tale of celebrity stalking and seduction of G W Bush’s daughter set to a moody bass line.

‘a slow burning slice of uncompromising sexually charged minimalism…If anything I prefer the second track 'My date With Jenna Bush' with its post-Velvet's feel, and its warped tale of the supposed seduction of George Bush's daughter’ (Get Ready To Rock)

‘a chaotic ramble of two chords (Fall style) played as a surf-ish post punk crawl’ (Manchester Music)David Cronenberg's Wife - I Couldn't Get Off 7

‘ mechanical psychedelia and a dark twisted edge’ (Organ)

A I Couldn't Get Off
B My Date With Jenna Bush








Blang 3 - Filthy Pedro - Rock'n'Roll Points 7" single (June 2007)

Filthy Pedro's debut single. A witty and catchy antifolk anthem about the culture of excess in rock set to nifty drum loops, guitar riffs and a hypnotic bass line. B side is a ballsy ballad about kinky sex and ancient history. Championed by XFM’s Lauren Laverne, FP, the Black Sheep of Anglesey is a prominent insurgent of the UK antifolk scene, co-organiser of the seasonal Antiolk Festivals in London and instigator of the globally popular antifolk.co.uk website.

Filthy Pedro - Rock'n'Roll Points 7

‘a witty and catchy antifolk anthem...don’t miss’ (Rough Trade)

A Rock'n'Roll Points
B History Lover








Blang 2 - Sergeant Buzfuz - The Jewelled Carriageway (September 2006)

With the band's third album comes a new line-up of musicians to accompany the vox and guitar of Joe Murphy. On cello and bass is Jon Clayton, Eilish McCracken is on violin and whistle, while Martin Parker is on drums. The end result is the band's best, most cohesive album to-date.

"‘Swallows’ puts you in mind of English eccentrics XTC while Television Personalities wouldn’t turn up their noses at the minimalist pop magic of ‘Something To Lose’.... Intense, original, clever, funny and moving (Sounds XP)

"has a rich, warm, string-laden sound and luxuriates in the seedy underbelly of urban living.... perverse and memorable, modern-day folk music." (Morning Star)

"an album of quietly staggering beauty…enchanting, engaging and totally absorbing with more passion and integrity than you could shake a stick at. This is new British folk at it's very, very best - challengingbut accessible. Buy it." (Get Ready To Rock)The Jewelled Carriageway - Sergeant Buzfuz

“Sergeant Buzfuz have struck gold with this album. A gem.” (Shakenstir)

"Very tuneful and undeniably modern." (Rock Sound)

01 - Swallows
02 - It's Not What You've Got It's Who You Give It To
03 - The Television Will Not Be Revolutionised
04 - Pour It From The Kettle
05 - Windscreen Wipers
06 - Who Are You?
07 - Bone Tired
08 - Blanket TV
09 - Grade A
10 - Something To Lose
11 - Here Come The Popes Part 1 (1st Millenium)


Blang 1 - Fruit Machine (August 2005)

26 seeds from the London Underground. Featuring tracks form artists who have played at the Blang nights. Tracks from Various Artists: Milk Kan, Sergeant Buzfuz, David Cronenberg's Wife, Filthy Pedro, The Teenbeat, The Rebel, JJ Crash, Katy Carr, Anna Page, Chris TT, Kinkajou, UM, and more...

Fruit Machines

a) MILK KAN Bling Bling Baby
e) CHRIS T-T A Hole Full Of Submarines
g) SOFIZEL Requin Blanc
h) UM A Last Blast
j) THE ADAMS I Can Do Nothing
l) FILTHY PEDRO Monotheist
m) KINKAJOU Nocturne
p) THE REBEL Death Is Only A Dream
r) MISTERLEE Natural Born Blonde
s) DIET OF SPIRES Ceremony
t) J J CRASH Axis Of Evil
u) JOHNY BROWN Denmark Street
v) THE DIRTY PINS What Shall We Do When The Disco’s Over?
w) KATY CARR Case In Hand
x) UM When Ur Ten
y) ANNA PAGE Pills
z) PARTITION Not Before Time


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