Thee Cee Cees

EMERGENCY: The world needs a Revolutionary Socialist Stiff ’78-style R’n’B band to promote class consciousness – what with there being an election looming. The disturbing rise of the populist right, the demonisation of the poor and the widespread disengagement with politics means it’s essential that we do as much as we can to promote Socialism, the social contract &  the post-war settlement before it’s too late.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: If pop music is art, then let it be a hammer, not a mirror. An artist accepting a bourgeois society is complicit. Please review it/play it loud to help the cause, comrade.

WHO? In the 70s it would have been called a ‘super-group’. Howabout we call it a ‘superb-group’, or Thee Concerned Citizens (‘Thee Cee Cees’). Being:

· Steve ‘Smiley’ Barnard on drums (Strummer/Foxton/Archive/The Alarm)

· The Bluetones’s Adam Devlin on lead guitar

· Billy Brentford (Thee Faction) on rhythm & polemic

· Andy Lewis (Paul Weller/Spearmint/Drugstore) on bass & memotron

· Xtra Mile recording artiste & D.I.Y. music expert Chris T-T on lead vocals

· Kerry Schultz & Darren Hayman on other vocals

· Manic Street Preachers’ string section on ‘Relentless’


· ‘Never Cross’ features Bruce Soord from The Pineapple Thief & was produced by Dai Nasty from Thee Faction

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